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-- >> the increase will have to be aproved. >> they charge us enough. if they want to upgrade that that should be something they do within. finds the funds within their company. >> some customers say a higher bill would only be worth it if it could keep them from spending so long without electricity if another storm hits. sgsz if -- >> if it upgraded and kecht kept -- kept my power on i'd be willing to pay extra. >> reporter: 7 months a how long they have to aprove or deny the request. >> several consumer groups say they will lead the fight against that increase. >>> biking could be getting safer soon. more than $3 million in grant money awarded for various projects around the state. >> cyclistspsych -- cyclist keith lawrence loves to ride in the city. >> we have to ride in the middle of the street to be noticed. >> governor martin o'malley's cycle maryland initiative is hoping to change that. baltimore is getting $1.5 million to improve safety. part of the grant money will go to find ways to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. >> i think the largest problem is just with all of the people al
, bringing us a nice soaking rain that will replenish the ground from the dryness and moisture that's been taken from it with the heat. this is going to stay with us close enough it could trigger a shower or thunderstorm each afternoon through wednesday as it stays just to our south. we will see some clearing, cooler conditions and lower dew points which means less heat and humidity. or nol high is dr normal high -- our normal high is 87. we will be at this or below it. 8:35 your sunset time. forecast goes up to 86. again, 8 7 in perspective is our normal high. we will be a little below that. 68 tonight, thunderstorm in spots. 84 tomorrow, partly sunny with a thunderstorm. we stay around that that mark. 86, 87 and 88 on saturday. >>> while this rain means relief for a lot of people rush hour drivers are not among them. here is sharon gibala. >> we are seeing a bunch of problems, including an accident on the topside of the beltway, first reported on the outer loop. it's blocking two left lanes. a new accident on 95 southbound at o'donnel street. another one on 95 past 32. a car fire in the
fine on the west side of the beltway. for instant traffic updates any time you can always count on us at wjz.com. don, back to you. >> thank you . >>> here's what people are talking about this morning. the search continuing for the man who kidnapped vie ripken earlier this week. police have new clues in the case. mike schuh is live with the story. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning. if there's ever a crime in public one of the first thing police look for is surveillance photos. in this case they have them. >> look, here's the man police say kidnapped vie ripken at gunpoint from the garj -- garage of her home. . >> he was wearing a white shirt, a long white shirt, blue jeans had a hat on. >> he tied her up and forced her into the back of her car. by tuesday night someone at this royal farms spotted ripken and her abductor and called police. it wasn't until wednesday morning ripken was found still tied up, the kidnapper left her inside her car steps from her home. >> it's scary. it could happen to anybody. >> business owners putting up fliers of the suspect. >> it's a good p
charges against john leopold. he is accused of using his security detail to drive him to sexual encounters in public parking lots and spy on political opponents. the county executive maintains his innocence. >> i am confident when the relevant facts are known we will prevail. >> reporter: his lawyers say charges of misconduct are too vague. in the ruling, the judge says the court cannot conclude at this stage that it must be dismissed for being unconstitutionally vague or not providing sufficient notice of what crimes are being charged. >> i don't think the defense had a large hope that they would win on these. >> reporter: a legal analyst says prosecutors are being meticulous. the ruling reveals they shared 90 boxes of evidence with the evidence. >> the discovery seems to be more than what the state normally provides. >> reporter: meantime another legal fight, the aclu threatening to sue for failing to release documents. >> there is nothing, no rule, no policy that would prevent them from doing that. >> reporter: police told the aclu many documents could not be released because they may b
states. at this point do you need more tree people? >> yo, no -- no. first of all, you can always use more people in a scenario like this. what's able to be managed is the question. you want to balance the workload. we try to travel in pod, where the tree crews are clearing debris and then the over head line men come in behind them. the damage is on the order of magnitude of what we saw in irene. what they're finding is at times it's taking them longer. there's no science to there. you can look at a site and say it's going to take us two to four hours to clear and perhaps you find something extensive. at the end of the day, the fact that we've been able to restore service to well over 600,000 people in a span of four or five days i think it speaks to the fact that we're making good progress. we're going to continue to plug away though. >> are you still hoping for sunday? >> we're not hoping. we're going to move towards that and hit it. we've tried to be very careful what we said about meeting objectives and times. we had some times where if we know we'll hit a certain point we'll tell
sex in the parking lot and illegally use the state's data base to dig up dirt on his political enemies. >> we need to move on, provide for the citizens of our county. >> the county executive named pamela davis to replace tier. she's the first woman to lead the department. >> chief tier was the subject of a criminal investigation by the state prosecutor who is now ending that probe. it is important to resolve this matter without any further disruption to the functioning of the police department. our office believes this resolution is in the best interest of the citizens. many believe it's part of a deal and the chief will testify ains leopold. >> i suspect he'll be among those called during the case against the county executive. >> instead of stone walling and playing games and not complying fully with our public records request, it's time for the county and the police department to come clean. . >> mr. leopold thanked the chief for his service and said the reason chief tier was stepping down was to spend more time with his family. >> the county executive's trial begins the day after la
activity on the delmarva. huge ag area where we can most certainly use it. past five minutes or so, we were just looking at it on the cam are there. a couple of showers are popped up across the bay just north of rock hall. i don't think we're going to get into the same temps as yesterday. 72 degrees right now. that's going to be the exact same temperatures as yesterday. here on the shore, we don't believe there's going to be a lot of rain today. looking at the radar. high of 89 today. 87 this evening. don, take it away. >> >>> any problems popping up on the pavement? >>> overall, thicks are good. just the leftovers from last week. east monument is closed between wolf and patterson park avenue. also watch for a water main break and repairs going on downtown. it remains closed between east lombard. speeds looking good. 59 on the top and west side outer loop. if you're headed to and from the eastern shore, that's what it looks like east of the bay bridge. there's a live look outside at 895. traffic is running just fine. remember, wbz is always on. you can always log on. >> here's what people w
accurate and up to date traffic information count on us at wjz.com. don, back to you. >> thank you . >>> here's what people are still talking about today. she was blind -- blindfolded and taken from a stranger. cal ripken's mom is safe but her attacker is on the loose. mike schuh is live. >> reporter: good morning. bizarre 24 hours for violet ripken who was driven around in her car. now police are looking for the gunman who took her. >> it's just before 8:00 on tuesday morning a masked gunman confronts 74 violet ripken inside her garage. >> she said she went to go in the garage and he was waiting for her in there. he had a gun and a mask and gloves on. >> the gunman forces ripken into the backseat of her own car. >> he wanted her car, money, her to go with him. splsz the gunman drives her around for 12 hours. police finally notified when somebody reports a sprishs car. the license plate, ms. ripkens. >> we believe he drove through out central maryland. we're not sure what locations he have at. >> 10 hours later a missing person's alert goes out for violet. eric snider notices som
witness eyewitness news. don, back to you. >> thank you. rob gold the spokesman from bge joins us with an update. this is getting to be a regular meeting. >> you're not kidding. stop it it. >> okay. the big question of course everybody wants to know, where are we now as far as numbers go? >> we have 27,000 remainingful ing -- remaining. i would point out that we had 70 to 90,000 additional outages that we've taken since the storm hit. >> sunday night's storm, last night's little storm. >> correct are. that's not -- correct. that's not an excuse. it doesn't change our estimated time to finish and doesn't suffer so police to the people without -- solice to the people without power. the hurricane would have cleared out and been beautiful weather behind. >> at this space, when does it look like everybody will be become on? >> we're sticking with what we said. sunday night. most people will get their power back obviously before then. there are going to be some folk that is will extend into sunday night. that's what we said all along, end of the weekend. we didn't want to give my date c
and back at it again at 8:00 monday morning. crews are using helicopters, sonar and police dogs but still no sign of the missing boater. . >> i never had to witness anything as tragic as this. >> even more heartbreaking, what was found inside the boat. >> the boat drifted towards my pier. i looked inside the boat and i saw two life preservers. >> tools that may have prevented tragedy. rescue teams will be back on the water at 8:00 this morning. >> the coast guard says 17 miles of water have already been searched with no sign of the fishing fisherman. >>> the manhunt continues for the man wanted for a double shooting at a nail salon. tv -- tuan minh pham has been charged. police say pham shot his estranged girlfriend and a male friend saturday night. anyone with information on pham's where abouts is urged to contact howard county police. >>> three men are coming forward accusing jerry sandusky of sexual abuse. the men are telling police their abuse happened in the 70s and 80s. it's unclear whether more charges will be filed against sandusky. he was con vith -- convicted of sexual abuse las
the new oreo coolatta and donut today. america runs on dunkin'. and hot! so we use new coppertone sport pro series with duraflex. it's light, but it stays on strong in extreme sweat conditions. and it gives us broad-spectrum uva/uvb protection. new coppertone sport pro series. embrace the sun. >>> happy 4th of july. at the top of the hour things are looking calm in the inner harbor. there's expecting to be a big crowd tonight. marty bass is in first warning weather center. >>> just a variety of rape showers. there's -- of rain showers. there's nothing real intense. it's come across south western pennsylvania. lightening strikes at a minimum at its maximum, if you will. 76 right now on tv hill. that 76 is going to be 7 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. by lunch call. weather but -- calm weather but 91. heat advisory in effect from noon until 9:00. 93 at dinner, some spotty thunderstorms around. they should be cleared out, should be, by fire works time. don, take it away. >>> wjz's live first warning weather coverage of the storm continues with mike schuh. he's at the bge staging a
shoot the first lady then showed a picture from his cell phone of the firearm he would use. he worked as a motorcycle escort for the while house. >>> baltimore police are are trying to find -- are trying to find out who threw a dog away. the k-9 weighs 27 pounds. he's supposed to weigh about 50. the dog was taken to the bark shelter. it is now with a foster family while he recovering. for adoption information log onto wjz.com and click on local news. >>> firefighters and city residents outraged after the city approves a raise for the fire chief after budget cuts close two fire companies. now the chief is making a promise to the rank and file. wjdz -- wjz is live, mike schuh has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are people wondering how they can raise the chief's pay when they're closing fire stations, three in all. the chief has made an offer he will give back next year's pay bump if all of the firefighters get a raise as well. >> a sign outside this east baltimore fire station warning neighbors truck 15 is no more. the disup banded -- this disbanded fire comp
count on us at wjz.com. >>> here's what people will be talking at today. the first funeral in the colorado theater shooting will be held later today as some survivors find reasons to celebrate life. katie medley gave birth to a son yesterday. she's in the same hospital where her husband, caleb is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head from friday 's shooting rampage that killed 12 people. >> she put hugo in caleb's arms and she was holding his hand when the baby was laying with caleb and his blood pressure and his heart rate went up. we know he could hear her. >> also in aurora, bat man stair, christian bail. the actor made a surprise visit to the survivors still in the hospital there while the accused gunman, james holmes is being held without bail. 15 survivors remain in the hospital today. one of them is a university of md m graduate student. petra anderson was hit four times. here's her incredible story. >> petra's -- petra anderson's stories is one miracle. a musician and composer, she was excited about her upcoming graduate studies at the university of maryland.
showed up to support them had little to say as e -- emotions ran high. cops used phone records to crack the case. police say the young men opened fire and left johnson for dead. he was hospitalized for two days before he passed. >> i can't imagine somebody just going on his porch to watch basketball with friends and getting killed like this. it's just so sad. >> should no parent feel the pain that i'm feeling right now. >> city councilwoman mary pat clark was in court for the plea. >> we're trying to compensate. you can't compensate for a life lost, especially sean's promising life. >> one of the young men told the judge he was trying to raise funds to hire a private attorney and did not want the services of the public defender. she told emit would be unwise to move forward without council. he said he understood and was willing to take the risk. >> this was one of the first cases for the city state's attorney major investigation's unit which targets repeat violent offenders. >>> in the wake of that violent storm we had leaders target bge and pepco for their response to power outages. a
's not enough and is requesting the u.s. department of justice step in and review the case. >>> turning to sports, the mariners rally to beat the oriels in the opener of a three game series in seattle. it looked good for the oriels when chris davis stepped up to the plate with two men on and slammed a homerun out of the park. the oriels lead 3-1. the mariners casper wells hit a three run double in the 7th to put the local guys ahead of our birds. the oriels just could not catch up. the mariners win the first game 6-3. >> okay, oriole fans come back off the ledge. this is not the hammer falling on us yet. it's the flow of baseball. they come back after the all star break, crack off five or six in a row and makes it for blowing a weekend to the indians and so far not a good west coast road trip. >> not a lot of people in the stands there either. that was interesting. >> well, it's -- >> monday night, 2nd of july. >> then again it's also across baseball. let's be honest about something here. >> if you're not winning, yeah. >> win ning is a great thing. more importantly, the actual game b
't twitter, tweet or text so i use a phone and talk. i like that better. >> the state plans to test its texting system first. the eastern shore will receive the program next year and by 2014 every other call center across the state will be able to receive texts for help. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> that new system can also respond to video up links and facebook postings. >>> it was shut down in 2007 after a violent year, now the maryland house of correction will be torn down. public tours of the old prison are scheduled for the 4th and 5th of next month. inmates will be used to deconstruct the cut, as it was known, saving the state millions of dollars. >>> new concern s today over the crab population. they worry the regulation to protect female crabs is causing problems for the males. here's a look at the new numbers and what they could mean for your are next crab feast. >> in the dating world of crabs, it may take two, but the current number of males to females is screwed. >> male to female sex ratio has actually increased, that is there are fewer females than males. >> r
and western sections of ann arundel today. that means no out door water use and limited indoor use. voluntary restrictions are in place for howard county. >>> this morning we're learning more about the cause of a massive 7 alarm brush fire on kent island. investigators link that fire to marijuana. at least 40 acres of woods and homes are burned after the fire broke out almost a month ago. kai jackson explains even though a lot of time has passed it's still very active. >> thick smoke and ash filled the skies of kent island in june as a brush fire burned ed 48 -- burned 38 acres of woods. >> i wanted to see if my house was still here. >> rich in natural resources kent island is a jewel. the fire went to 7 alarms and demanded more than 200 firefighters. it threatened people and property. after a thorough investigation the department of natural resources may have found the cause. >> we think right now the most likely cause is some type of disregarded material. >> the disregarded material that dnr found was marijuana. it's unclear who owned it. >> what we found is the area of or begin of the fire
. >> we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> sunday night thousands gathered to mourn. the shooting has shaken this community. the governor read the name of each of the victims and the crowd yelled back. >> we will remember. >> but there was one name he didn't read are, -- read, that of the alleged shooter. >> i refuse to say his name. >> the people of aurora are trying to let go of the pain. >> holmes is in solitary confinement in jail. police say it's for his protection. stay with wjz for complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora. iffer the latest on -- for the latest on the suspects, victims and the investigation log onto wjz.com. >>> more fall out from the penn state child sex abuse scandal this morning. the famous bronze statute of joe paterno is no longer on display as the university braces for a punishment to its football program. mike schuh is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. another tough day for penn state and its fans. the statute is down. sanctions are coming up. >> at one time
service company tells us they got more calls for this storm than all of hurricane irene. >> a lot of trees on houses, a lot of trees on cars, people can't get out. >> gary is waiting for a tree service to come out as this branch held just by a wire hanging over his house. >> hoping no other storms come in. >> another concern, keeping cool. >> my neighbor john has ms, he's in a wheelchair. i just came back down to check and see if he needed anything. >> with wires down all over, the ac may not be coming on any time soon. >> reporter: we're back live on south lynn wood avenue, patterson park. this tree becomes part of a tourist attraction here. everybody slowing down, taking pictures. i want to tell you and everybody a quick story. my power went out friday night. i stayed over at my dad's, he had power. in the middle of the night saturday at 3 o'clock in the morning i hear this big truck pull up. it's a bge truck. there's a huge power poll near my dad's house. they they put a guy up in a bucket 70 or 80 feet up to restore power to other parts of the neighborhood and the big shopping there. h
that came into us 15 minutes ago on west lexington street between north carry and north carrollton. two accidents, one of them at old york road at paper mill, another one at garrison boulevard. big problems downtown. light street remains closed. this is shots of the water main break when it happened. you can see still has a big hole there. they are fixing that and lombard two right lanes blocked. on the beltway, no delays, 62 and 60 are your averages. pretty empty there at york road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. >>> here's what people are still talking about today. the heat advisory set to go into effect later this morning when temperatures could reach triple digits. wjz and mike schuh is live on the story. >> reporter: good morning. it's stick y and thick outside. there's a little bit of a breeze but this is by far going to be the most comfortable part of the day as it is going to get so hot and humid that health authorities say it could be dangerous. >> no matter that it's this hot, postal workers still have to deliver. >> you got to take breaks when it
. for the most accurate and up to date information, count on us at wjz.com. >>> here is what people are talking about. shock waves from the ncaa penalties against penn state. the effects being felt not only at the campus but around the country this morning. sports director mark vive -- mark viviano has more. >>> reporter: good morning, the sanctions are steep and they include a $60 million fine, equal to one year of penn state's revenue, a rich program with a rich tradition finds itself on the brink of busted. in addition to the fine, a four- year ban on bowl games and a reduction in scholarships likely to cripple a once strong program. their proud past forever tarnished. penn state's present and future in doubt. the ncaa stopped short of shutting down the program, instead handing down wide ranging and long lasting punishment in reaction to the cover up of a sex scandal involving jerry sandusky. it marks the first time the ncaa has punished a school for criminal behavior. >> no price the ncaa can levy will repair the grievous damage inflicted by jerry sandusky on his victims. we can make clear
. thest -- it's going to define our moisture. skies don't clear out until sunday. we could use this rain. what we need is a few hours of a gentle steady type of rain. if we get heavy thunderstorms like yesterday we will see additional flooding problems. 85 the high, 67 over night. tomorrow periods of rain, 78 is the high. given the heat index of two days ago, that's a feel -- an actual feel of 32 degrees cooler. we have watch, warnings and advisories to talk about area wide. we have a flash flood watch in effect for moisture. that will continue to fall as we move through the weekend because of that low following that frontal boundary. clear it out sunday. take it away. >> thank s. >>> let's check in with sharon gibala at traffic control. >> good morning. we cleared up the accident on major readways now we have three -- roadways now we have three in the city. east center at saint paul and homestead. we still have that water main break downtown if you're taking light street. it's blocked. art scape closures if effect downtown. the ramp from southbound jfx to southbound saint paul is close
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